Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'll Be Famous When I'm Dead

Earlier this year, I published a book spanning the past fifteen(15) years of my poetry... it was riddled with typos, and problems with the table of contents, a dedication that no longer applied, etc. etc....

So, now that I've completed a certain specific phase of my writing style, I've updated the book and published a second edition. This new edition contains all the poems written over the last five and a half months... and of course, all the problems that I knew of have been fixed.

Now that the book is (hopefully) free of issues, I have decided to post a link to the store page. If anyone (for any various stupid reason) would actually want a copy of my poetry in hardbound form, it doesn't cost all that much... and I get a bit of money from each sale too!

It's also available in ebook download form for much cheaper... Anyways, here is the link. I have a book!!! Just click on the cover.

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