Thursday, January 14, 2010

0010: Cosmic Princess

Don't ask me... I was just the viewer.

MST3k, Experiment #0010

Cosmic Princess:

Earth's Moon is ripped from orbit by a massive nuclear explosion and cast adrift in deep space. It is displaced further into the unknown by two space warps and into range of the volcanic planet Psychon, where the crew of Moonbase Alpha hope to obtain a mineral needed for their survival. But they are lured into a trap by Mentor of Psychon, who wants to drain their souls into a machine for energy needed to transform Psychon back to the paradise it once was. Mentor's daughter, Maya, who has the ability of personal molecular transformation, realizes how fanatical her father has become and helps the Alphans to stop her father. But in the struggle, Mentor's machine's power is released, triggering a series of explosions that cause cataclysm on Psychon and fevered distress in grief-stricken Maya. In the second part Koenig and Tony explore an alien ship while the moon passes through a space warp, leaving the astronauts stranded. Meanwhile, Maya is undergoing some strange disease that causes her to transform into a variety of berserker-like forms, including her deceased father Mentor.

It's... uhm... because... well... what happened is, see... hmm... Huh?!

I tried... I tried SO hard to figure out what the hell was going on in this movie. I was lost within five(5) minutes, and I drifted mentally from then on, straining to follow whatever mess was on the screen. There was a lion... I remember a gorilla rushing into a fire... a lot of weird warblies, and then there were different people doing something. It was in space. I think.

The episode itself has one of my favourite host segment jokes. Dr. Earhardt was testing out his 3D glasses and when Dr. Forrester tossed a football at him, exclaimed that it looked "like it was coming right at" him. Then he showed us his 2D glasses, which allowed him to only see length... and width.

After that, the whole thing is a bit fuzzy and I'm not sure about any of it.

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