Friday, January 15, 2010

0011: Humanoid Woman

Yet another Sandy Frank film...

MST3k, Experiment #0011

Humanoid Woman:

XXIII century. A reconnaissance starship discovers a dead alien spaceship of unknown origin in deep space. The crew are found to be humanoid bodies, made by an advanced cloning process. One humanoid woman appears to be alive but has memory loss and is brought back to Earth. Scientist Sergei Lebedev settles her in his own house and names her Niya.

Some time later, Niya finds out that she has supernatural abilities. Prof. Ivanova finds a special neurocenter in her brain which can be used to control the humanoid clones. Niya suddenly remembers her home planet Dessa, where businessmen eager for easy money destroy nature.

A rescue mission with Niya on board is sent to her home planet. When she arrives there, her brain falls under the control of the neurowaves of local monopolist Turanchoks, who is trying to make the Earth expedition fail. However, Niya is strong enough to resist the control and saves her civilization from an imminent catastrophe.

Niya: "Neither she nor I know the reason for my existence." Crow: "Nor does the audience."

That about sums it up. First, I have to wonder where the show finds these films... which then leads me to wonder how and where (and ultimately WHY) Sandy Frank finds these films. [sarcasm]Ooo a "humanoid" woman! I've never seen one of THOSE before! How inventive. I wonder how they designed the make-up for that.[/sarcasm]

Well, one thing I did notice, and this should be a familiar one to Rifftrax fans... In a really dull scene by a lake, Niya and a young guy about her age exchange equally dull dialogue. The last line before the guy jumps into the water to swim is "I love the water."

As per the episode itself, this one had a couple decent host segments... such as the bots playing tag. Any time they do a skit where you simply see the robots (and Joel/Mike) wander past the screen casually, well, it surely gets me cracking up. Also, the famous bit where Tom Servo tries to hit on a blender originated on this episode, to be re-done somewhere in season one(1) I believe. The line "Nobody drinks from my girl!" comes to mind.

"Well, hey there... Oh sorry... MISTER Coffee."

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