Thursday, January 21, 2010

0014: Mighty Jack

"Sandy Frank" is all you need to know...

MST3k, Experiment #0014

When you're in trouble, call Mighty Jack:

The organization Mighty Jack is formed to combat the criminal syndicate known as "Q", and are given a large array of advanced weapons, chief among them being a high-tech submarine. Harold Hatari is abducted by Q, and Mighty Jack is dispatched to rescue him. Hatari is interrogated and threatened with blinding lights, but the Mighty Jack crew rescue him in the nick of time. Later, Q is discovered to be using "hot ice" (water that remains solid at room temperature) to create weapons and a secret ocean base disguised as an iceberg (though it's not precisely clear how hot ice could be a major world threat). Q then attempts to take over the Mighty Jack sub.

A horrible mess of a pseudo spy movie. It's easy to follow, as there's really not much to it... and there's never any real clear explanation as to why Mighty Jack is so highly regarded... or if it's an organization, a guy, or an object. The cat-holding leader of Q calls them (Mighty Jack) on a radio and asks to speak to Mighty Jack... one specific person comes over and takes the microphone and answers "This is Mighty Jack." The evil boss of Q (whose name may just as well be Q) then threatens to kill their hostage, unless he/they (Mighty Jack) give him (Q) Mighty Jack. "Hand over Mighty Jack..." He wants the origanization?! The guy with the microphone?! I'm already lost, really...

So let's just watch it for the neato secret spy stuff. There is none. Mighty Jack, or people FROM Mighty Jack, go to free and rescue the hostage... using Mighty Jack. They take a jet plane underwater and fly out to find the prisoner, and the person sent to rescue him gets captured himself. I believe he had a sort-of gun, but never really bothered to do anything with it... I still don't see what's so great about Mighty Jack that makes him/them/it so special or important. Maybe it's because Mighty Jack has (or maybe is) the jet plane that can fly underwater.

As far as episodes go, this one was pretty good. As I mentioned on the Rifftrax Forum, by this point in the show, they seem to have found a certain rhythm that carried on for a few of the earlier seasons. Starting at probably around episode twelve(12), the riffs come a lot more often and at a much faster pace. The host segments also are getting a bit better. It still very definitely has a "local programming" feel to it, but it's starting to feel much more like the show we're all used to. Also of note, a few times during the theater segments, Joel makes mention to the up-and-coming newsletter they are working on but has yet to be sent...

...and we got to see Crow's first "Kitty!" remark.

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