Wednesday, January 27, 2010

0017: Time Of The Apes

Sandy Frank, Sandy Frank, bad movies from Japan! Sandy Frank, Sandy Frank, the voices are horribly dubbed...

MST3k, Experiment #0017

Sandy Frank presents a horrible Planet Of The Apes rip-off, Time Of The Apes:

A woman takes her children to see their uncle, who is a scientist working on cryogenics experiments. They are using monkeys and other primates in their experiments. There is an earthquake, and the woman and her kids are trapped in cryogenic chambers and are somehow transported into a _Planet of the Apes_ type futures. They are captured, escape, return to the present and are eventually given an explanation of what happened to them that is incomprehensible. Also, this is really a re-edited Japanese TV series, so there's some odd continuity bits, especially near the end.

Yeah... huh?!  There's a lot of one ape yelling for other people to kill a certain human named Godo...  There's a UFO that everyone notices, but it doesn't seem to phase anyone...  In the words of Crow, "I've never seen someone so nonchalant about a flying saucer."  Yeah, so... Time Of The Apes.

To change the subject a little, there's no Joel in this episode.  The only explanation is that he's floating around in space somewhere.  I guess everyone needs some tme off every once in a while, so whatever.  This was a pretty funny episode, mostly carried by how horribly bad the movie is.  There were some horrid jokes made though, for example when Crow asked "What's a pod bay?" and Servo replied "Oh, about two pounds."  Thankfully, it was meant to be bad, as apparent by the "wah wah wah waaah" sound clip played immediately after.

I'd recommend this eepisode, but I'll probably recommend the later version, as they re-take this film in a later season.  I am sure it's much better... not that the movie will be any less stupid.

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