Tuesday, February 02, 2010

0020: The Last Chase

MST3k, Experiment #0020

The Last Chase:

It is the future. Evil fascists have forced everyone to recycle and drive electric cars, and have oppressed all those poor people who want to drive Ferraris and smoke cigarettes. Hero Lee Majors, an ex-racing car driver, decides to make a statement by pulling out his old race car and driving cross-country at 150 mph (he siphons gas from old gas station pumps). Taking along a young computer hacker, he drives for the Holy Land the Free State of California! Of course, the Powers That Be try to eliminate him by hiring Burgess Meredith to shoot him down with a fighter jet, which, too, are virtually extinct.

Lee Majors driving a race car... Burgess Meredith flying a fighter jet...  Both speed demons forced into retirement by the state of the world and the restrictions on society.  Honestly, despite how lame this movie sounds and is, it's actually one of the better movies I have seen on MST3k.  Yes, I actually enjoyed this movie...  No, it's not perfect, but it's not a horrible movie.  The premise is a bit dumb, but the main point is simply that this man wants to taste real freedom again and will do whatever it takes to gain that freedom.

Well, this is the first and only time we see the theater doors before we ever see Joel and the bots.  The entire opening host segment is the mads and then bam, right into the theater.  Also, they announce the 1000th fan club member, which is quite an accomplishment, considering the show was still only on cable access.

Speaking of which, only one more really crappy movie and then I jump head-first into season one(1).

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