Friday, February 05, 2010

0102: The Robot Vs. The Aztec Mummy

MST3k, Experiment #0102

See the Relentless Machine Battle the Gruesome Corpse!  The Robot Vs. The Aztec Mummy:

With a sub-barrel-bottomed budget, this Mexican horror outing features wicked old Dr. Krupp, the crazed experimenter who caused trouble in this film's two predecessors, The Aztec Mummy and Curse of the Aztec Mummy (both 1957), up to his old tricks. As in the former features, he is again trying to trick the Aztec mummy Popoca into leaving his crypt so the bad doctor can get at the treasure within. This time his scheme entails the invention of the title tin man (complete with incandescent light-bulb ears), a device he equips with a human brain. A horrific battle ensues when the two monsters collide.

But before all that, we see our first short:  Radar Men From The Moon, Chapter One: The Moon Rocket.  A Commando Cody serial from the 50's (the first of many), this short has one of my all-time favourite running jokes, "Oh, I hate to shoot a butt like that!"  In chapter one(1), well... men from the moon come down to Earth with a radar ray gun.  (Apparently in the 50's, radar was an all-purpose weapon and high-quality spy camera device... as seen in season 5 on Radar Secret Service)  Commando Cody casually acquires the ray gun (a RONALD ray gun) from the moon men, and when they try to get it back, Cody decides to go to the moon.  This obviously was before anyone had ever been to the moon, as the moon looks exactly like Arizona and has all the physical properties of Earth.  He confronts the ruler of the moon(?!) who promptly announces a coming invasion of Earth.  Within minutes, a fight ensues and the moon ruler shoots Cody with a ray gun.  Did he survive?!  Find out next time...

...and now, The Robot (Yay!) Vs. The Aztec Mummy (Boo!).  I'll start by saying that there's one actor (if you can call him that) on this movie who has the same unchanging expression on his face the entire movie, during one scene especially.  It's kind of a confused panic look.  There's one scene in particular where the mad scientist is rambling on and on and on and on about his big grand scheme... the most long-winded mad scientist in all history ...and the man still keeps the same erratic look on his face the entire time.  Looking back and forth, as if he's just about to jump out of his chair and shout something... but no... he just sits there.  Then, after the scientist leaves, out of nowhere, he lunges up and delivers a firm rapid punch to one of the goons.  That bit alone is worth laughing out loud.

All-in-all, this was a good solid episode.  The jokes were hillarious, especially during the serial.  Joel had to define a "serial" to the bots, which yielded the obvious "cereal" joke.  All of the host segments were dedicated to dealing with the "demon dog" problem on the SOL (Satellite of Love).  This may have been one of the most annoying episodes, simply due to the constant barking noises... but it was still hillarious.  I would definitely recommend it, even despite all the incessant barking.

Favourite line:  "Oh, I didn't know. I can't even vote."

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