Tuesday, February 09, 2010

0103: The Mad Monster

MST3k, Experiment #0103

He created a beast... for vengeance! A monster comes to Life behind the barred door of the crazed scientist's laboratory... and seeks Human Prey!  The Mad Monster:

Bland former child actor Johnny Downs earns top billing in this low-budget horror film, but the real star is that most psychotic of all the mad doctors, George Zucco. The British-born character actor plays Dr. Lorenzo Cameron, a discredited — and quite mad — medico who has discovered a way to turn his helper, Pietro (Strange), into a wolf man. The lycanthropic experiments succeed only too well, and although Dr. Cameron spouts plans of turning his discovery into a weapon in defense of the civilized world, he instead unleashes his creation on those fellow scientists who had engineered his ouster from academia in the first place. Before long, however, the good doctor is unable to control the wolf man, who threatens to kill everything in his path. Only newspaper reporter Tom Gregory (Downs) and Lenora (Nagel), Cameron's innocent daughter, may be able to stop the monster. A perennial cult favorite.

We start, yet again, with a serial... Radar Men From The Moon, Chapter 2: Molten Terror.  In this chapter, Commando Cody and one of his men use nitrus oxide to knock out the moon men, so they can steal the ray gun.  As they flee, some moon men chase Cody and his friend in their tank, which is made of particle board.  Cody and the dude run into a cave, and the men in the tank melt the moon rock to form a river of (yes, you've got it) molten terror.  Will Cody and his gay companion escape the molten rock!?  Find out next time.

So yeah, The Mad Monster... Okay so this movie sucks.  The Mad Monster is a terrible movie, struggling to pose as a horror film.  We have a mad scientist who goes to great lengths to prove how not-mad he really is... by turning his moronic man-servant into a wolf-man.  He then gets yelled at and put down by his imaginary friends who he vows to kill.  The movie really devolves from then on, with the wolf-man wandering around in the night, occasionally killing a small child, and then returning to ask if he'd been sleep-walking.

The riffing was quite good at pointing out the inherent flaws of this movie, also at pointing out how much the lead actress sounded and acted like Judy Garland.  The host segments are decent... at one point bringing back one of the KTMA-era bits where Servo hits on a blender.  There aren't a lot of high points in this episode really, but it's a solid run-of-the-mill show.  While I wouldn't recommend this to anyone as a jumping-off point for the show, by ANY means... it's still dumb enough that just remembering the movie makes me laugh.

Favourite line:  "That felt good. Now I'm going to go turn my daughter into a woodchuck."

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