Thursday, February 11, 2010

0105: The Corpse Vanishes

MST3k, Experiment #0105

Strange case of the seven missing brides... enslaved in a madman's grotto of torture!  The Corpse Vanishes:

After the death of many brides in their weddings and disappearance of their corpses, the snoopy journalist Patricia Hunter notes that all of them were wearing an orchid in their breasts. She finds that the hybridization of the orchid was made by Dr. Lorenz, and she decides to interview him about the flowers. She hitchhikes on the road with Dr. Foster and they are hosted by Dr. Lorenz in his isolated house. Dr. Lorenz is indeed a mad scientist that sleeps with his wife in coffins, and with the assistance of a dwarf and his strong retarded brother, extract gland fluids from the neck of the abducted virgins to keep his elder wife young.

We start again with Radar Men From The Moon, Chapter 3: Bridge Of Death.  The last chapter ended with Commando Cody and his gay lover almost getting killed by molten rock... This chapter starts with them randomly escaping out a back entrance of the cave and throwing a grenade at the moon tank.  How convenient that there just happened to be a way out in the back of the cave.  Anyways, they fly back to Earth, where some more moon men are waiting to blow Cody up on a bridge.  Ohhh, the suspense.

Well, the main feature should sound familiar, as it's the plot of about two(2) or three(3) other Bela Lugosi films.  Mad scientist wants to keep his wife alive, so he kills a bunch of younger ladies to harvest their youth.  It's his love that makes him do this, of course... which makes him (supposedly) sympathetic.  Honestly, there really isn't that much more to this film's plot...

As stated many times before, I love me a good segment of bots simply wandering through the shot...  Host segment two(2) had Joel and the bots playing tag on the SOL.  Nothing really makes me laugh more than seeing Servo wander slowly past.... followed eventually by Crow, who mutters an "Oh... oh dear..." and then Joel... and then Gypsy's head pop up in front... and so on until finally Joel tags both Servo and Crow before Movie Sign.  So simple, yet so very funny.

This was a pretty good episode, if you can pay attention to the movie that is.  The host segments are decent (aside from the "Tag" segement, which is hilarious), and I think this is the first appearance of the whole "Say a good thing and a bad thing about the movie, and you get a RAM chip" bit.  That's always fun, but I can see why they opted to drop it later on... it could get pretty hard to find a good thing about some of these movies, and I bet the whole bit gets redundant after a while.  Anyways, good episode.

Favourite line:  "A midget in a stairwell. Can't really get much shorter than that."

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