Friday, February 12, 2010

0106: The Crawling Hand

MST3k, Experiment #0106

Jolting Space Shocker! Astronaut Ordered Blown-Up! Terrifying Menace from the Moon!  The Crawling Hand:

The hand of an exploded astronaut takes on a life of its own in this horror film that begins when the hand is discovered near the crash site by a naive young med student who takes it home as a grisly souvenir. He has no idea that the hand has been possessed by a strange, murderous alien who gradually begins to take over the hapless med student. Suddenly people all around town are found mysteriously strangled to death, and now only a very hungry cat can save the rest of them.

Oh, The Crawling Hand...  How the hell does a hand cut off at the elbow have enough strength to strangle a person?!  I guess the first question should be as to how the hand is able to get around so well.  I mean, sure... it crawls with its fingers, but that doesn't explain how it gets up stairs or on top of shelves.  Then there's the aforementioned strangling.  This disembodied arm strangles people.  I guess, yeah, most of the muscles used in strangling are in the bottom half of your arm, but that still doesn't provide enough strength to choke a person to death.

Yes, that's my one real complaint about the movie.  Everything else I guess I was fine with, for some reason.

As an episode, I suppose it was okay.  It began with Joel explaining the premise of the show... six episodes in, I am guessing maybe this was meant to be the first episode of the show.  I am sure I've mentioned how annoying episode reordering is... but yeah, the whole "I am trapped on a satellite OF MY OWN DESIGN..." monologue has always annoyed me.  The delivery is horribly awkward and feels very forced, making the show even more unnatural than it already is.  I am very glad they gave up that "Hello people of Earth..." crap.

All things said, the riffs were funny, the segments were bland and occasionally annoying.  Not my favourite episode.

Favourite line:  "She needs about a hundred and fifty hours of beauty sleep."

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