Tuesday, February 16, 2010

0107: Robot Monster

MST3k, Experiment #0107

Moon Monsters Launch Attack Against Earth! How Can Science Meet the Menace of Astral Assassins?!  Robot Monster:

A young boy named Johnny, who is fascinated with outer space, is on a picnic with his widowed mother, older sister, and younger sister when he meets a pair of archeologists exploring a nearby cave. Later, as the family sleeps, he has a dream — that the Earth has been attacked by a alien named Ro-Man, using the "calcinator death ray," and that he and his family and scientist Nader are the only survivors. They try to elude capture by Ro-Man (played by actor George Barrows in a gorilla suit with a diving helmet), who turns out to have some very human failings despite his computerized mentality. Several members of the family are killed, but Ro-Man is destroyed by his controllers when he decides he'd rather experience human emotions.

But first, we are tortured with two(2)... count em, two(2) episodes of Radar Men from the Moon - Chapter 4: Flight of Destruction and Chapter 5: Murder Car.  The moon men need money, they try to kidnap Cody, but instead kidnap his assistant chick.  Cody uses his rocket suit to catch up with the moon man as he flies his hostage away in a small plane, and the moon man jumps out leaving the controls jammed and the hostage still in the plane.  Cody rescues the girl, plane crashes, etc. etc...  Then the moon men steal some money.  Brilliant cinematography.

Now on with the movie!!!  Robot Monster is one of my favourites.  It's such a bad movie, and so poorly made.  I am going to quote the MST3k episode guide for this, simply because it can not be put any better:

Okay, try and follow.  A boy gets struck by lightning, and the world ends.  Two lizards with dinosaur makeup glued on toss each other around.  Cut to: sometime after this damned annoying apocalypse, when a robot monster lives in a cave guarded by a bubble machine.  He's named RO-MAN and he wears a big gorilla suit and a space helmet he probably stole from First Men In The Moon.  There's also a scientist, a half-dressed woman who gets carried around a lot, and - not to give anything away - it all turns out to be a dream.

Sounds like a real winner, doesn't it?!

This is one of those movies that truly is "so bad, it's good" and I think everyone should watch it, even smply for the laughs.

Favourite line:  "Oh look, gecko Ro-Man wrestling."

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