Wednesday, February 17, 2010

0108: The Slime People

MST3k, Experiment #0108

Up from the Bowels of the Earth Come...  The Slime People:

Tom Gregory, a Los Angeles-based sports reporter, is flying into L.A. and lands his private plane after a rough descent through some kind of opaque midair disturbance, only to find the airport deserted. He meets Professor Galvin and his two daughters, Bonnie and Lisa, who tell him that the city has been overrun by huge, hulking, slime-covered subterraneans called Slime People, who appeared out of the sewers and other underground water concentrations. Appearing out of a strange thick fog apparently generated by a device of their own, they've killed hundreds, possibly thousands, panicked the population, fought the army to a standstill, and have now cut off the city with a wall of solidified fog. The professor's reasoning that salt would be effective against slug-like creatures gives them a weapon against the Slime People. But clearing them all out and freeing the city requires an assault against the creatures' own stronghold, which becomes even more essential when Bonnie is taken prisoner.

Radar Men from the Moon - Chapter 6: Hills Of Death.  More Cody... God, this is getting old.  I no longer care about the convoluted storyline, or if Cody lives or dies... not that I did to begin with.

So, we will talk about the movie now.  Why this movie was even made is a mystery to me.  More than three-quarters(3/4) of the film is obscured by a thick fog, causing me to really quickly lose interest in even watching, as I couldn't see what was actually happening.  I guess that really is a brilliant way to make a movie on a budget though...  Just mask out anything and everything that's happening, and you really don't have to have the actors do anything but talk!  For all I know, they were playing Pinochle the entire time.

The riffs were pretty decent... the funniest ones being simply about how no one knew what was going on.  The host segments were standard and fun.  One was dedicated to (yes, of course) how stupid the movie is and how to make a better show.  My favourite though was when they filled the SOL with lots and lots of tick soupy fog.  I love it when the segments blatantly mock something from the feature.

Anyways, wasn't a bad episode... Quite entertaining considering how horrible the movie was.

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