Thursday, February 18, 2010

0109: Project Moonbase

MST3k, Experiment #0109

Radar Men from the Moon - Chapter 7: Camouflaged Destruction and Chapter 8: The Enemy Planet. Oddly, I found myself amused by these ones... probably because Joel and the bots are going insane from having to watch these. The riffs are getting more and more bitter about Cody. I laughed heartily at their mock astonishment at Cody's ability to fly, as if it's something we've never seen before and as if the effects were even remotely good. It's kind of funny to think that people used to find this dreck enjoyable or top-rate.

Thrills Come Rocketing to the Screen as Science Smashes a New Frontier! Project Moonbase:

Set in the future — 1970, that is — Project Moon Base takes place on a huge space station, where a group of pilots and scientists draw up plans to establish a U.S. military base on the moon. This project is nearly stymied by foreign spy Dr. Wernher, who is exposed when he cannot answer a few simple questions about the Brooklyn Dodgers (it's that kind of film). The story comes to an abrupt conclusion when female colonel Breiteis — pronounced "Bright Eyes"! — and male major Moore are married on the surface of the moon, with the President of the United States presiding via two-way television.

Okay, yeah... This movie doesn't have much of a plot, except for the spy of course. What it DOES have is a lot of cheap (ie, really bad) visual "tricks" to demonstrate the lack of gravity in space. In one scene, our two heroes walk down a hallway towards a door, and a man is walking the other direction... also, he's walking on the ceiling. Of course, he's on the opposite side of the screen, for the very obvious split-screen effect. The two main characters then walk through the door, where there are chairs on the wall facing down to a desk on the floor where a small committee are looking up at them. The bots make a reference to the scene being filmed by "guest director M. C. Escher" which was pretty much how the whole thing panned out. Apparently weightlessness means gravity works in various directions instead of just one.

The lead female was rather attractive... Yeah, I said it. Shut up.

I think that really is all there is to say about this movie. I am pretty sure it was just a poor way of showing off the new video effects of the time... which, by today's standards, seem dull and implausible. The makers of the film obviously knew nothing about physics, and it shows... pissing off people like me. Ahhh, the early beliefs on outer space.

The host segments were quite funny, yet forgettable. I smiled though at Commando Servo, being flown around the room by Joel... Servo with a gold painted popcorn bowl on his head was rather amusing. I have to say that I'd like to see this one get an official DVD release sometime soon.

Favourite line: "These people are dressed like camp counselors."

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