Friday, February 19, 2010

0110: Robot Holocaust

MST3k, Experiment #0110

Radar Men From the Moon - Chapter 9: Battle in the Stratosphere.  Finally!!!  We're done with Commando Cody!  A few minutes in to this short, we're treated to an MST3k rarity... the film broke.  I think they finally just got tired of Cody, and decided to end it with a bang... or a snap, as it were.

It's machine vs. man in the ultimate battle for the future!  Robot Holocaust:

Neo, a drifter from the atomic-blasted wastelands, arrives with his klutzy robot sidekick at a factory where slaves labor to fuel the sinister Dark One's Power Station. There, he meets a comely woman who convinces him to help rescue her scientist father, who has invented a device that can break the Dark One's control over the slaves. Gathering a motley crew of allies on the way, Neo and pals travel to the Power Station, where they confront the Dark One's evil servants.

Oh Valaria...  This is actually a fan-favourite, and for very obvious reasons.  The plot is ridiculous, the budget actually seemed to be quite decent, and the acting is horrendous.  What more could you ask for?  A leading lady who can't pronounce a single word of her lines, you say?!  Well, you're in luck!!!

Sounding like a bad combination of Zsa Zsa Gabor and Arianna Huffington, the lead female antagonist Valaria muddles her way through her lines, attempting to make up for it by overacting to extremes.  Oh man, these bring about my favourite riffs...  Every time she tries to say "Dark One" Joel and the bots go into a pained attempt at figuring out what she's saying.  "Dot Wad?!" "Dah Twan?!"  Just the thought of this movie will suddenly drive me into a ramble along the lines of "Dwoo wir bahhh to da pahw ub du daaaah twaaaa."  Comedy gold, if I do say so myself.

Then there's the avacado man...  Valaria's prisoner is taken to the "womb ub tweschuns" and then, when they have no more need for him, he is turned into a giant avacado with a head.  Sounds dumb!?  Well, yeah... it is.

This being another episode that feels a bit more like a season three(3) episode than season one(1), it's definitely highly sought after for a DVD release.  Hopefully someday... in the past two(2) weeks alone, I've been told four(4) times "I just watched Robot Holocaust... they should have done that for MST3k."  Well, they did... it's just hard to get ahold of (through legal means, that is).

Anywho... yeah, Robot Holocaust.  Or, "Wobah Hawderkwahs" if you're Valaria.

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