Wednesday, February 24, 2010

0112: Untamed Youth

MST3k, Experiment #0112

They 'Calypso'! They 'Rock'! Every Night is Talent Night in the Recreation Hall! No guards in the Recreation Hall...but these dogs aren't pets!  Untamed Youth:

Untamed Youth is a camp classic so stupefyingly awful that it's actually festive. The villains are cotton grower Tropp and corrupt female judge Mrs. Steele, who conspire between them to ship female convicts to work on Tropp's farm for starvation wages. Two of the new arrivals are professional entertainers, Penny and Janey, arrested on trumped-up charges and forced to work off their sentence on the Tropp spread. Salvation arrives in the form of Bob, Mrs. Steele's son, who intends to expose his mom's evil scheme.

Two girls get sentenced to hard time at a labour camp, and for what?  Why, for swimming in their undies, of course... well, with a side-count of hitchhiking added on.  Apparently, swimming in your udnerwear is a very dispicable crime, and should be severely punished.

One of the many "young people are out of control and should be put in their place" films of the 50's, or whenever this was made... Untamed Youth is almost painful at times, simply because of the "hip" and "trendy" terms used by all the "kids."  Equally painful, and sometimes even moreso, is the singing.  Oh god, the singing.  The whole song about how they "ain't never gonna make a cotton picker outta me" (sung of course by a group of white kids) will give me nightmares much into the next decade.

But it's that sort of idiocy that makes a good MST3k episode... in fact, that's what made this show what it is/was.  There's nothing particularly special about this episode, really.  The host segs are good, not bland at all but also not outstanding.  I do have to say, however, that I was surprised when I pulled out my disc and saw that it wasn't an officially released episode yet.  I could have sworn this was in at least one of the many box sets.  I guess that at least shows how many times I have seen it, considering I thought I had bought it at one point.

Tomorrow is the final episode of season one(1), and then on to season two(2)!

Favourite line:  "Now you drive it into town, and I'll meet you there."

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