Thursday, February 25, 2010

0113: The Black Scorpion

MST3k, Experiment #0113

Every Horror You've Seen on the Screen Grows Pale Beside the Horror of...  The Black Scorpion:

Filmed in Mexico. Allegedly an outgrowth of a ten-minute "test" film, the story is set in motion by a volcanic eruption which releases dozens of giant scorpions from a cave. American geologist Richard Denning and his cohorts try to drive the scorpions back into their lair, but the huge arachnids are soon at large in civilization, munching on innocent bystanders as they go their merry way. The authorities are able to destroy all but one scorpion, who, unfortunately, is the nastiest of the bunch. The climax takes place in a Mexico City bullring, where the scorpion does battle with a fleet of military helicopters.

Alright, this is the last episode of season one(1), and I'm really not going to comment much on the movie as I am about the departure of one of the cast members.  Josh (J. Elvis Weinstein) always annoyed the HELL out of me as Tom Servo.  Sure, yeah, he was the first Servo, but something never sat very well with me about it.  Maybe it's due to how well I know Kevin Murphy as Servo, and how long he fit in that role compared to how little time Josh played the part...  but that doesn't quite explain it all, concidering how much I have always enjoyed Dr. Erhardt.  It was just his portrayal of Servo that annoyed the hell out of me.  In this marathon, I finally figured out what it is: the damned Barney Rubble laugh.  It grates on me like no tomorrow.  It's fine when it's from Barney, but I want it far far away from my Servo.

Anyways, once I figured that out, I was able to take a much more objective look at Josh's Servo. (Yeah, that sounds really perverted, doesn't it?!)  He really was very funny, and had some great delivery...  That doesn't mean I suddenly love him as Servo; it just means that I appreciate him more.  There are still FAR too many times where I just wanted to smack him, especially when he'd laugh (yes, the Rubble laugh) at his own really lame jokes that weren't even worth a smirk.  But I also have to remember, he was really young at the time (still I teen I think), and the show itself was very young as well...

So while I still am annoyed by Josh's Servo, I have to admit that there were some pretty funny and classic moments that he brought his own charm to.  With the semi-recent arrival of Cinematic Titanic, I've grown to enjoy Josh much more than I used to... as I said before, I thought Dr. Erhardt was brilliant... and I think he's one of my two favourites from the CinTi team, alongside Frank.

While I'm sad to see Josh and Dr. Erhardt leave the show at this point, I am thrilled for the upcoming arrival of Kevin Murphy who truly brought Servo to another level, far beyond a Butthead imitation with a Barney Rubble laugh.

As for the episode itself, a few noticeable points include a small nod to a movie that was featured in a later season, "Alien From L.A.", and a few parts that really made me laugh were every time Joel and the bots broke into sudden random applause for the characters in the movie.  So yeah... on to season two(2).

(For the record, no offense at all is meant towards Josh... every fan and viewer has their own personal taste, and I know some that really liked the way Josh played Servo. I'm just not one of those people.  I still think you're great, J!!!)

Favourite line:  "I don't know, but you did it first."

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  1. Coincidentally, I was just thinking about this same thing. I seriously had to turn off Robot vs. Aztec mummy because it was so boring and the Servo seemed like a lame impostor.