Thursday, March 04, 2010

0204: Catalina Caper

MST3k, Experiment #0204

Never Steal Anything Wet.  Catalina Caper.

A beach movie. A scroll is stolen from an art gallery and taken to Catalina Island, where the thieves plan to use it to swindle Lakopolous, a Greek art collector. They plan to show him the real scroll, then deliver a fake. Lakopolous, however, turns out not to be rock-stupid, and tries to steal the scroll himself. Meanwhile, the thieves' son figures out what his folks are up to and cooks up an improbable scheme that will allow him to steal the scroll back and return it. During this, the whole troupe are under surveillance from a mysterious guy who keeps pulling prat falls. All of which is *completely incidental* to the story of the love interest between Don and Katrina, the blonde guy who always has women flocking to him for no perceptible reason, and the "spontaneous" music and dance numbers

Okay so yeah... Tommy Kirk. Little Richard. A poor attempt at slapstick goofball humour. Scantily clad women.  That's about all I can say in general regards to this movie.

As for the episode, we get our first occurance of TV's Frank saying one of MY personal favourite lines: a simple noise.  I find myself saying "A-yunk-a-YEEE!" whenever I think of it and get the chance.  I always forget when this first appeared or even WHY it appeared...  Here's the first appearance, but I'm still at a loss of where this came from.  I remember him adding it to some sounds after saying "Karaoke" on a later episode, but unless that was filmed before this one and the episodes appeared out of order (it's happened before), that wasn't the origin.

A little about the riffs during the movie, I've always been fond of Servo singing along with Little Richard's "Scuba Party," changing the lyrics to "At the party! The Nazi Party! ... Everybody!!!"  The riffs are generally rather good on this episode...  The movie makes it easy though.

And another line that made me laugh really hard was during the host segment where Joel went on a rant about life in the sixties.  "No Joel, you can't go to Woodstock. You're only nine years old."  Brilliant.

Another good episode.  Not excellent, but not too bad at all.

Favourite line:  "How's your little fish?"

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