Friday, March 05, 2010

0205: Rocket Attack U.S.A.

MST3k, Experiment #0205

The Phantom Creeps - Chapter Two
Dr. Zorka continues to elude the authorities, using his invisibility belt and deadly mechanical spider. Military intelligence agent Bob West fights and overcomes Dr. Zorka’s assistant Monk. Bob then pursues an automobile into the hills, believing it is driven by someone who has learned Zorka’s secrets. Jean Drew, plucky girl reporter, accompanies Bob as he searches the abandoned car. Bob discovers a strange disk, which the invisible Zorka has planted in the deserted car. Death by mechanical spider seems imminent for Bob and Jean.

From Another Continent ... Destruction!!! Panic!! ... before the Rocket Strikes!  Rocket Attack U.S.A.

A cold-war propaganda film, released not too long after the launch of Sputnik, intended to rally public support for an anti-ballistic missile program. Based on the assumption that Sputnik is gathering intelligence for the Soviets, a spy is sent to Moscow to determine just how far along their missile program is. Surprise, surprise; Sputnik gave them all the data they need to build one nuclear missile, which is ready to launch against the U.S.

Okay, I already do NOT like Tom Servo's new look.  Thankfully, he only lasts a few episodes as a cylinder... but that's a few episodes too many.  They were trying something new, and you can't hate 'em too much for that, considering they didn't stick with it... but it's still stupid!!!

This episode marks the first appearance of the "stinger" or in layman's terms, the little short clip of the movie shown after the end credits of the episode.  This is a famous and VERY beloved tradition that carried on through the entire rest of the show's run.  It's definitely something that will keep a person sitting, watching the credits, waiting to see the clip.  I very happily recall all the many episodes I saw on their first run, and the giddy anticipation of seeing what clip they chose for the stinger.  Gotta love it!!!

Uhm, not much to say though... the short, well... the entire Phantom Creeps serial is a pile of nonsense that is hard to follow.  The only real way I know what's going on at all is from reading the summary I posted above.  The movie on this episode blows... but the riffing is top-notch.  The jokes are about as good as they could ever get for this movie, and they don't disappoint.

A joke (I believe) Servo made that is actually one of my favourites from a much later episode (0511: Gunslinger) made me chuckle... it's such a running joke in the later episode, but here it was just lone and subtle.  I won't go into detail explaining it, so you'll have to watch for yourself, but the line is "Come out!"  Those of you who know Gunslinger will hopefully have a nice laugh at that thought... the rest of you can shut up.

Favourite line:  "This is my skull! Stick around and find out how THAT could have happened."

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