Tuesday, March 09, 2010

0206: Ring Of Terror

MST3k, Experiment #0206

The Phantom Creeps - Chapter Three
.  Dr. Zorka desperately tries to guard a meteor fragment from which he derives his destructive powers. Dr. Mallory invents the “neometer,” an instrument he believes will detect the presence of Zorka’s meteorite. Government agents Bob West and Jim Daly, armed with the neometer, capture Zorka's assistant Monk while he is trying to escape with a heavy case. While taking Monk to headquarters, Bob attempts to open the insulated case. But the case contains the dangerous meteorite fragment, and opening the case unleashes such a destructive force that it demolishes several electrical towers along the roadside, not to mention the agents’ car.

Ring Of Terror.

Med student Lewis Moffitt harbours a secret fear of the dark stemming from a traumatic childhood incident involving a corpse. Nonetheless, he pretends to be unaffected during the first autopsy witnessed by his class, and generally affects an attitude of fearlessness. This, however, inspires his would-be frat brothers to conceive a particularly morbid initiation ritual -- one which will, inevitably, go horribly awry.

Yeah, still really don't like Servo's new "haircut" ... I can't wait til it changes back.  Anyways, this is a classic.  A movie about young college students, played by actors in their 40's.  There is no shortage of age jokes, and they never get old.  (Pun intended.)

Some weird little tidbits:  Joel's jumpsuit is green, Tom Servo is still cyllindrical (as previously mentioned), the short comes AFTER the feature (the only time this happens, I believe), the very last "good thing/bad thing for ramchips" is highly welcome (never did like that bit), and TV's Frank has his first song.

Frank, ahh Frank... I love all of his songs.  "If Chauffers Ruled The World" is a great beginning to Frank's on-screen musical catalogue.  I think this musical number really shows the comedic genius that is TV's Frank.

All of the host segments are great!  My personal favourite mocks a scene from the movie, where the medical students watch an autopsy on a dead body.  Joel performs an autopsy on a vacuum, causing Gypsy to faint not once, but twice.  "Eww, Gypsy's chunking!!!"

Favourite line:  "Now, Dr. Mallory will be represented by the oboe."

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