Wednesday, March 10, 2010

0207: Wild Rebels

MST3k, Experiment #0207

They Live for Kicks... Love for Kicks... Kill for Kicks!  Wild Rebels.

After one crash too many, race car driver Rod throws in the towel only to be recruited by a motorcycle gang to be a getaway driver for their next bank robbery.

Sound thrilling, doesn't it!?  It's not...  What it is, however, is an awesome episode of MST3k.  There really isn't much to this movie, but the jokes are great and come often... Even better are the host segments.  Joel sings a song from the movie, and sings it to Gypsy, who's been down in the dumps...  Oh, about that too, the first segment involves Joel shutting off the "higher functions" of the SOL so Gypsy can talk normally to him and tell him what's the matter.  This is one of the few times over the run of the show that Gypsy speaks really intelligently.

My favourite segment though is the "Wild Rebels Cereal" song.  Yet another song I start singing when I see the title of this movie... it makes me happy!!

Anyways, there's no stinger on this episode.  My guess, as always, is that the production order was different than the airing order.  But yeah, not much else to say, except "Watch this episode. You won't be disappointed."

Favourite line:  "I wonder if I could kill him with a cigarette."

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