Thursday, March 11, 2010

0208: Lost Continent

MST3k, Experiment #0208

Rocket 180,000,000 Years into the Unknown!  Lost Continent.

In this adventure-fantasy, an American rocket ship crashes upon a remote island in the Pacific and an Air Force pilot, some scientists, and a couple of other guys (including an unfunny comic relief airplane mechanic) are assigned to find it. After lots and lots of rock climbing, they get to the island and suddenly discover that the island is populated by myriad extinct animals, including dinosaurs.

Alright, I just want to say that I think this is my all-time favourite invention exchange ever... of all time... ever.  Joel doesn't even get to show his invention, but what Frank does is absolutely incredible and one of the funniest things I have ever seen.  (Spoiler Alert)  First, he invents a mobile treadmill, which moves around as you walk on it, providing you with transportation as you walk...  Next, he shows his new stepping machine, which has multiple levels, one for each step getting further up as you go.  "Way to go Frank, you just invented stairs."  The third invention he demonstrates is a rowing machine with a boat attached underneath, allowing you to go out onto the lake and enjoy the tranquility while you exercise.  If you ever have any wonder about the sense of humour style I have, this is basically it.  Subtle stupidity delivered as brilliance.

Okay, so I mentioned last time that I figured the lack of stinger was due to production mis-ordering... I was wrong.  One of the first things they mention is what aired "last week" which happened to be Wild Rebels.  Oh well, they just decided not to have a stinger last week for some reason.

Anyways, this movie is a pile of dreck.  It actually has clips of the previously riffed movie Rocketship X-M scattered throughout... other parts are almost straight out of Jungle Goddess... and the rest is just stop-motion hell.  I found it hard to even pay attention to this one, but there were plenty of great jokes to keep me semi-focused as I distracted myself with my computer and food.

They did wear one or two jokes into the ground, all in the span of a sequence of scenes... into the ground yes, but it never was unfunny.  I laughed each and every time someone asked "You ever fly one of these things?!"

While I wouldn't suggest avoiding this episode, I also wouldn't commonly really recommend it over many others, simply due to the movie being bland and boresome.  Good, but not great.

Favourite line:  "Oh yeah, I'm the jerk. It couldn't be your crappy rocket."

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