Wednesday, March 17, 2010

0211: First Spaceship On Venus

MST3k, Experiment #0211

This Is A First! Fantastic! Unforgettable!  First Spaceship On Venus.

Originally released in East Germany as Der Schweigende Stern ("The Silent Star") and in Poland as Milczaca Gwiazda, First Spaceship on Venus was partially intended as an anti-nuclear tract. In 1985, a strange, extraterrestrial spool is discovered, leading to a manned expedition to Venus. The multinational crew includes American Brinkman, African Talua, and Japanese Sumiko Ogimura. After several special-effects setpieces (and reams of dogmatic dialogue later), the crew lands on Venus, only to discover that the planet's population was wiped out by a nuclear error. Some of the crew members die horrifically, and the surviving members of the expedition return to earth with a warning for all mankind.

If anything, I'm really just too tired to be rambling about this right now...  I know I will be struggling to stay awake through tonight's episode, so I will make this very short.  This movie is dumb.  Well, they all are, but this one especially.  The episode was fair and entertaining, so I am always glad to watch it... although Servo's sarcasm level (which was being tweaked with at the start of the episode) got really annoying as the episode went on.  At the end, it caused his head to relatively explode, and I really think that should have happened by the second host segment.

A favourite bit of mine though is always Servo's "Klack" commercial.  It's just so absurd... and in a good way. (Unlike Joey the Lemur, which is just... absurd.)

One last thing before I pass out:  The entire end credits roll to the sound of Dr. Forrester retching.  Definitely entertaining if you can handle vomit humour!!!

Favourite line:  "MY transmitter?! Look, dickweed..."

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