Thursday, March 18, 2010

0212: Godzilla vs. Megalon

MST3k, Experiment #0212

Giant Against Giant...the Ultimate Battle!  Godzilla vs. Megalon.

The underground kingdom of Seatopia sends out Megalon, a giant beetle, and Gigan to destroy the above ground dwellers. In an attempt to stop them, an independently thinking robot brings Godzilla into the fight.

This is definitely one of the best episodes of season two(2)... some would say of the whole series.  I wouldn't go so far as that, personally, but it is incredibly hilarious.

I believe this is the first of the Japanese monster movies for this show, and they don't fail to deliver.  All of the riffing is great, and I have always loved how much they get into the battle scenes.  There's a lot of cheering for Godzilla and Jet Jaguar...  Oh, Jet Jaguar.  Yeah, so the guys in the movie make some robot and name it Jet Jaguar.  I really don't know what they were thinking there... there's really no jet, and DEFINITELY no jaguar.  But hey, whatever... I think they were trying to push a spinoff.

Rex Dart: Eskimo Spy!  My favourite segment from this episode.  I am pretty sure the whole concept was Frank's idea.  This hasn't been verified by anyone; just my speculation... but it definitely sounds like his humour.  I can just picture them all in the writer's room, and Frank just blurts out "Rex Dart... Eskimo Spy!" and everyone dies laughing.  Don't try to prove me wrong.  I'd like to continue on with that mental image!

This episode is famous especially for the fact that it was released on Rhino's set Volume 10... and then recalled due to some rights mishap.  The set was then RE-released, with a different episode in its place.  You may be able to find an official release of this one, but they are quite rare.  Good luck with that; I have my copy.

Favourite line:  "You said it, my little heart-buddy bachelor friend."


  1. I'm pretty sure it's "my little hard-bodied bachelor friend," although heart buddy does have a uniquely Japanese feel to it.

    - Sharktopus

  2. Whatever they actually said, I laughed immensely!!! Usually, the delivery itself is what really gets me. =O)