Friday, March 19, 2010

0213: Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster

MST3k, Experiment #0213

The World's Devastating, Most Crushing Battle of the Gigantic Monsters: Ebirah, the Gigantic Lobster, Challenges the Supremacy of Godzilla and Mothra!  Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster.

A fisherman named Yata winds up missing after the boat he is working on sinks. His younger brother Ryota decides to search for him, but when the authorities refuse to help him he tries to enter a dance contest to win a boat to go search for Yata. When Ryota arrives at the contest he finds out he is too late by a few days, but meets up with two contestants who had already been eliminated named Nita and Ichino. The three youths then head for the marina to look at different boats. After they board one, they meet a rifle toting man named Yoshimura, whom they assume is the owner. However, he is a bank robber who is using the boat to hide out. After a few minutes, Yoshimura decides to let the youths stay the night. The next morning they wake up to find out that Ryota has set sail with them on it to search for his brother. A few days into their trip they are caught in a storm and as the boys try to keep the boat from sinking they see a giant claw emerge from the water. The next morning they wake up on Lechti Island, which serves as the base for a group of international terrorists called Red Bamboo, who have a heavy water factory on the island. They also observe as a boat belonging to the group arrive with slaves from Infant Island, the home of Mothra. Some of the natives try to make a break for it, but they are caught and eaten by the same monster that wrecked the boys boat, a giant lobster named Ebirah. During the commotion, a slave girl named Daiyo manages to sneak away and runs into the boys. They then find a cave where they hide out. But also in the cave is Godzilla, who is hibernating. They then try to head for the base to see if they can save the slaves, but their plans are thwarted and Ichino becomes a prisoner while Ryota gets caught in an observation balloon and drifts towards Infant Island where he is reunited with Yata. In the meantime, Nita gets an idea to awaken Godzilla with lightning to not only distract the soldiers but to fight Ebirah.

Godzilla... Mothra... Ebirah...  It all makes me wonder why Gamera and Jet Jaguar weren't thrown in for good measure.  This really is one clusterfuck of a movie.  The episode is pretty decent really, but nothing as great as the previous Godzilla episode.  The constant jokes about the lack of title card went on through the very end, and I found those to be the best part of the riffs... but I don't tire of running gags very easily.  The movie though, I pretty much think of as simply a lot of random nothing leading up to some really loud monster screeches.  I mean really, YOU try reading that summary up there and not suddenly wanting to just give up on the movie.  Now imagine WATCHING that movie.  Yeah, no... it was a pain.

The host segments provide some fun though.  We have the "Godzilla Genealogy Bop" and the bots summon Mothra and have a little casual chat with the giant moth-beast.  My favourite though is when Joel seems to be suffering from "space madness" so the bots destroy his model village.

While not the best episode, it really was just fun... I'd mildly recommend it.

Favourite line:  "It's a laboratory factory."

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  1. the mst3k episode takes a weird (likely) illegal print of the film and cuts a lot out of it making the movie a bit harder to get than it usually is. its actually a very enjoyable movie on its own imho.

    but i still like the episode very much!