Tuesday, March 23, 2010

0301: Cave Dwellers

MST3k, Experiment #0301

A pure action fantasy where good, strength and exotic beauty battle evil.  Cave Dwellers.

In this sequel, the Fighting Eagle returns. This time he must save a former mentor from the evil Zor. Ator battles cavemen, invisible swordsmen, and barbarians with his new sidekick Thong to finally have the ultimate showdown with Zor.

Here we start season three(3)...  The show really starts to take off here, and it's even apparent by the opening segment.  Right away, we get some general absurdity from the mads.  One thing that always makes me laugh a LOT is when Frank tries to burst into song and immediately gets a random "Oh shut up!" from Dr. F.  Nothing is explained, nothing has any back-story... it's just... awesome.

Anywho, I would count this episode as a mild third-string favourite of mine.  We have a Conan-like character wandering around, inventing hang-gliding... Yes, I said hang-gliding.  This is a horrible movie, but it's definitely one of the best to riff.  The jokes fly in at a fast pace and never leave you feeling bored.  Also I think this may be the first appearance of "I'm HUGE!!!" but I could be horribly wrong on that.

The single-best part of the whole episode is the first host-segment.  Cave Dwellers is a retitling of an Ator movie, with a new introduction by Film Ventures International...  One thing FVI is very well-known for is their horrid introductions, usually taking clips from other random obscure films and chopping them together in slow-motion with a muted digitized effect.  So, of course, Joel and the bots do their take on this intro, moving around slowly to the theme music, while Cambot provides the proper effects.  You sort of have to see it to truly appreciate it, but it's definitely the highlight of the episode.

All-in-all, I good solid effort.  I like it very much.

Favourite line:  "Geez, Tolkien couldn't follow this plot."

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