Wednesday, March 31, 2010

0306: Time Of The Apes

MST3k, Experiment #0306

Time Of The Apes.

A woman takes her children to see their uncle, who is a scientist working on cryogenics experiments. They are using monkeys and other primates in their experiments. There is an earthquake, and the woman and her kids are trapped in cryogenic chambers and are somehow transported into a "Planet of the Apes" type futures. They are captured, escape, return to the present and are eventually given an explanation of what happened to them that is incomprehensible. Also, this is really a re-edited Japanese TV series, so there's some odd continuity bits, especially near the end.

Okay, I have officially seen this movie far too many times.  I am able to quote lines along with the movie.

I've reviewed the movie before, in the KTMA season... now they did a new take, like they did for quite a few other crappy Japanese movies.  This one, obviously, is a far better effort than the earlier episode.  The segments are better, the jokes are better... the movie still sucks.  If you like Planet Of The Apes, you'll probably find lots of "good" things about this though.  There isn't too much to note about the episode, except the wonderful Sandy Frank theme song.  I love singing this song, and that's probably why I've seen this movie so many times.

Favourite line:  "My piece of wood! It died so that we might live."

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