Monday, March 08, 2010

Midget Sex (for Lori)

Well, over the weekend, just to make things interesting, I asked a few people for topic suggestions for this week's (and maybe future weeks') poem.  Some of the suggestions (specifically from Lori) were just weird... I think she was drunk, but she claims she wasn't.  Anyways, I wrote this out of spite:


I asked Lori
for suggestions.
Topics for my poems,
that's all I asked...

Lori told me to write
about my sexual encounter
with a midget.

The big problem here
is that I don't think
they like being called

Little people.
Even that sounds a tad degrading.

I suppose the topic
of sex with little people
just doesn't have quite
the same ring to it.

The second,
and slightly lesser problem
with this topic:

I never had sex with a midget, Lori.

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