Monday, March 15, 2010

Moron (More On) Booths

Okay so yeah... This is the sequel to my previous poem "Couples In Booths"  I was at Jack's the other night, and I spent the entire time trying to wrap my mind around something...  This is the result.


I've made comment
on couples sitting in booths,
two to a side,
leaving the other side empty.

I can at least understand
the logic behind it.
I just think it's stupid.

What I don't understand
is what brought a group of four
to sit lopsided in a booth.

Three on one side,
one on the other.

Two of the three, I could tell
were a couple. But
I don't understand the third's
reasons for not sitting in the other bench.

The best I can figure:
"You smell. I refuse to sit next to you."

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