Saturday, April 03, 2010

0308: Gamera Vs. Gaos

MST3k, Experiment #0308

Gamera Vs. Gaos.

A volcanic eruption rouses a huge triangle-headed vampire bat monster called Gaos who has steaming armpits, an ultrasonic yellow beam with laser-like cutting power, and a stereotypical craving for death and destruction. Giant heroic flying turtle Gamera appears and battles Gaos on two occasions, but he is forced to withdraw both times after being badly injured. Gamera is cheered on by a little kid named Itchy (aka Ichi). The military tries to burn Gaos with huge flamethrowers, but the monster's steaming armpits put the fires out. Scientists speculate that sunlight might be harmful to the giant bat-like creature, which would explain why it only appears at night. A plan to lure Gaos by placing a blood-like substance on top of a rotating restaurant is implemented. The scientists hope that the spinning action will disorient Gaos and that he will be unable to return to his underground lair when the sun rises. The plan works, at first, until the restaurant’s spinning mechanism breaks, and Gaos escapes. Gamera finally defeats Gaos by making him fly too close to the sun.

Yeah, I'm a day late. Shut up.

So, not only did I not really want to watch this movie again, but I really have no desire to even write about it.  It honestly felt like only a week or so ago that I watched the KTMA version...  Hell, go read that review.

The episode itself was better, of course... That should go without saying, which really leaves me with nothing else to say.

I'd say I'm sorry that this review isn't more "reviewy" but really I couldn't care less and I'm not sorry.  You try watching this shitty-ass movie over and over again.  You'll simply want to forget it even existed too.  So I'll return fresh from the weekend and (hopefully) much happier with the movie selection next week!

Favourite line:  "Nice day for it."

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