Tuesday, April 06, 2010

0309: The Amazing Colossal Man

MST3k, Experiment #0309

Not even the U.S. Army can keep her away from the man she loved -- but only the U.S. Army can save her from the monster he became!  The Amazing Colossal Man.

During the test of a new weapon, a plutonium bomb, a plane crashes in the test area. Colonel Glen Manning fearing that someone may still be alive runs to the plane, but before he gets to the pilot, the bomb explodes and burns him over 90% of his body. He is then brought to the base hospital, but is not expected to survive the night. The next morning, Manning not only is still alive, but the burned tissue is completely healed. When his fiancée Carol Forrest arrives to visit she finds out that he as been moved as well as the physicians that have been working on him, Dr. Paul Coulter and Major Eric Lindstrom, M.D.. Through some checking on her own, Carol soon finds out where they are keeping Glen and is horrified to find out that the radiation has affected his cells and caused him to grow uncontrollably. The doctors search find a cure, but before they can administer it to him, he goes mad, escapes and begins terrorizing Las Vegas. They they corner him, but after they inject him with the formula to stop his growth, Manning picks up the needle and spears Major Lindstrom, killing him instantly. He then picks up Carol and makes off with her taking to Hoover Dam.

Oh thank heavens this isn't a fucking Gamera movie...  Yeah, I said it.

This movie, as well as this entire episode, is a classic.  We have an incredibly unbelievable and unlikely "miracle of science" that causes this man to heal and grow incredibly fast, after being blown up by an nuclear bomb... yeah, that's how it works, sure...  That's pretty much all there is to the movie, and it seriously has one of the most sudden endings in all cinematic history.  (Spoiler Alert:)  The giant man simply falls off the Hoover Damn and lands in the water below.  The end.  They don't show him dead or anything... no sililoquy... nothing.  Just the words "The End" suddenly on the screen.  Tada.

Okay, so during the invention exchange, we get what I believe is Kevin Murphy's first on-screen appearance.  Maybe it was earlier, but I don't remember it if it was... and I am not about to go reading all my prior reviews.  So, we'll just say it was on this episode.

Also, we're graced with Mike Nelson later as Glen, from the movie... He fits the role perfectly, looking and sounding about as close to the actor as anyone could get.  I've always loved the bits with Mike as Glen...

Anyways, all the riffing is brilliant... One of my favourite scenes is the scene in the hospital, as they are wheeling Manning out of one room and onto the elevator.  I laugh so hard, I cry at each and every joke.  I really actually had a hard time narrowing down one favourite line from the riffs, but I ended up with the one that made me pause the movie.  The runner up was "Poor bum's screams were muffled by a throatful of his own blood."  And the winner was...

Favourite line:  "How do these people keep up with him?!"

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