Wednesday, April 07, 2010

0310: Fugitive Alien

MST3k, Experiment #0310

Marauding Wolf Raiders in Space Chase to the Death.  Fugitive Alien.

In this sci-fi flick edited down from a TV series, our hero is a Starwolf named Ken from the planet Valnastar. After disobeying orders and accidentally killing his best friend - a fellow soldier, Ken becomes a fugitive alien rescued by the Earth starship the Bacchus3. The crew of the Bacchus3 includes alcoholic Captain Joe, Rocky the pilot, some other guys, and Tammy the ‘morale officer.’ Ken joins the Bacchus3 team at Captain Joe’s invitation. At first, Rocky distrusts Ken, but later they become friends. And Tammy has an unrequited crush on Ken. Meanwhile, Ken’s friends’s sister Rita, who is also Ken’s girlfriend, is ordered by Valnastar ruler Lord Halkon to avenge her brother's death by finding and killing Ken. The Bacchus3 visits the planet Kararan. Ken leaves the ship, and gets himself thrown in prison. Via two-way radio, Captain Joe orders Ken to find a Colonel from the planet Caesar in the same prison and break him out. After accomplishing this mission, Ken abruptly runs into Rita. But Rita still loves Ken, so she can’t bring herself to kill him. Rita is then killed when she and Ken are attacked by Kararan guards. Ken and the Caesarean Colonel make it back to the Bacchus3. “To Be Continued” in episode 318.

Mike Nelson as Jack Perkins.  It's an impersonation so good, they worked it in to a (sorta) MST3k spin-off (sorta)...  Technically, it was just when Comedy Central cut the episode length in half to an hour, so they split episodes in half, hosted and introduced by Mike's Jack Perkins.  I call it a (sorta) spin-off (sorta), so shut up.

Anyways, what makes a great episode?!  Why, a mid-movie song, of course.  And on this episode, we got not one(1), not three(3), but two(2)... count 'em, TWO(2)...  T... O... O... WO... two(2) mid-movie songs, and boy howdy are they good ones!  The most popular, of course, is the "forklift" song... but my favourite to sing is "I love Ken, he is my dear friend, and I love him..."  Ahhh, good times.

But yeah... a movie about Ken, and Ken, and Ken, and Rocky, and Ken... Oh and Ken-- I mean Rita.  Read the description up there... That's all you need to know.

Excellent episode though.  Definitely a classic!!!

Favourite line:  "It's a voice-over, called 'love'."

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