Wednesday, April 14, 2010

0314: Mighty Jack

MST3k, Experiment #0314

Mighty Jack.

The organization Mighty Jack is formed to combat the criminal syndicate known as "Q", and are given a large array of advanced weapons, chief among them being a high-tech submarine. Harold Hatari is abducted by Q, and Mighty Jack is dispatched to rescue him. Hatari is interrogated and threatened with blinding lights, but the Mighty Jack crew rescue him in the nick of time. Later, Q is discovered to be using "hot ice" (water that remains solid at room temperature) to create weapons and a secret ocean base disguised as an iceberg (though it's not precisely clear how hot ice could be a major world threat). Q then attempts to take over the Mighty Jack sub.

So uhm... Mighty Jack.  What!??  Yeah, Mighty Jack... I think.

Yeah, I could call this movie "easily forgettable" but that would really be understating it.  I honestly forgot what I had written already about this film, so I went back and checked my earlier blogue entry from the KTMA season(0).  Really, I think I about nailed it on the head there... so go read it, please.  It's probably the best description of the film I could have ever come up with, so no sense in redoing it.

As for the episode, the sketches were okay, but I think about as forgettable as the movie itself.  All in all, a rather passable episode, but I wouldn't suggest passing on it... There are still funny jokes, and that's worth it.

Favourite line:  "You know, this really isn't a very good movie."

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