Saturday, April 24, 2010

0320: The Unearthly

MST3k, Experiment #0320

Posture Pals
.  Four children decide to better themselves through posture, with help from their teacher Ms. Martin. Tommy wants to have good health, Jimmy wants to stand straight and tall, Jane wants to grow tall, and Mary wants to look pretty. All four children have great posture in the end, but did they really win when you think about it?
Appreciating Your Parents.  This is the story of a boy named Tommy, who can't do anything for himself. He rethinks his symbiotic relationship with his parents, and decides to become a "team player". And, he finds out what Mom and Dad do after he goes to bed...

An Army of Mutants on a Mission from Hell!  The Unearthly.

Professor Charles Conway is a mad scientist attempting to develop the proverbial fountain of youth by creating "the 17th gland". Ignoring all aspects of scientific ethics, his research subjects are people who have no family and are under the impression that the doctor can cure their depression. However, his research hasn't been successful and his subjects are turned into grotesque zombies. Some of Conway's patients begin to catch on to his scheme and intend to stop him.

Here we have a typical mad scientist movie...  Some mad scientist is trying to find the secret of youth and is trying his experiments out on random people who come to stay in his house.  Every single one of this type of movie has Tor Johnson as the big brute thug, and I think a good many of them have either John Carradine or Bela Lugosi as the scientist/doctor.  This one has Carradine... and not much else.

What this movie DOES have though is the famous (and often repeated) Tor Johnson line "Time for go to bed."

This is one of the few episodes that gives us two(2) shorts before the movie, and these shorts do not disappoint.  These two(2) are so incessantly funny that they prove the need for seperate collections of shorts on DVD.  If the riffs during the movie that follows weren't so incredible, I'd say that the shorts were all that's needed...

All-in-all, a terrific episode that will leave you laughing from start to finish.

Favourite line:  "Her thermometer popped up. She's done!"

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