Wednesday, April 28, 2010

0322: Master Ninja I

MST3k, Experiment #0322

The Master Is Here! He's the supreme warrior. Even his eyes can kill you. His student is the supreme heartthrob. His eyes can melt you.  Master Ninja I.

Two episodes of "The Master" pasted together. In the first half, Max Keller meets John Peter McAlister, an American who remained in Japan after the war and became a Ninja. He has returned to America to locate his newly-discovered daughter, and agrees to tutor Max in becoming a Ninja as well. During this, they help a father and daughter fend off an unscrupulous land developer who is trying to get hold of their airport. In the second half, Keller and McAlister aid a nightclub owner and his daughter in fending off members of the Asian Mafia, who are trying to take over their club. During all this, McAlister is pursued by an enemy Ninja, who wishes to kill him for breaking oath and leaving Japan.

I vaguely remember saying something about Crow rants in my last blogue post...  We get yet another fabulous rant in one of the host segments of this episode.  Crow goes on and on about a conspiracy called "The Van Patten Project" and it's one of the many greatest bits of the show.  Ahhh, Crow is aw3summz0rz0rz!!!!!11111oneoneone.

This movie(?) is a great reminder of how horrible some of the shows that came out in the 80's were... Geez, what were they thinking?!  "Well this guy is a mushmouth stoner... let's match him up with an old pseudo-ninja. Wackiness ensues!!!"  This show gives me one of my many random lines I use in public to confuse people: "My name is Max Keller. I'm a master ninja."

The best part of this episode is the Master Ninja Theme Song, which I may very well make my new cell ringtone.  They even drag the song out over the end credits to maximize your enjoyment!

Favourite line:  "Boy, is this ever Japan."

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