Monday, April 05, 2010

There Is A War

Brought on by a dream from the other night... one of two I thought about writing, and the only one I could get into words.


Off in the distance
fires burn, and guns a-blaze.
The ghosts of angels scream in horror.
The enemy has won, chilling the night
and filling our lives with sorrow.

Walk in the rain to cleanse your soul
for the fight to come.
It is you and the universe.
Every spirit turned against man,
you fight an impossible battle.

Dust, the smell of rain and
rotting flesh fill the air.
Stare into the vast horizon
and dream of better days.
A solitary tree leans upon you for rest.

Once the night arrives,
all hope has been lost.
Your soul torn from your throat,
by unseen forces who
left you to die.

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