Sunday, May 02, 2010

0324: Master Ninja II

MST3k, Experiment #0324

The 2-man army fights terror from the sky! Max and the Master storm a mountain fortress to rescue a beautiful hostage!  Master Ninja II.

In this Master Ninja "movie," the first half deals with the two Ninjas helping a cute country girl form a union at her warehouse and fight off the corrupt owners. The second segment has the two helping another cute girl and her rich father fight against terrorists who want to do something evil (although exactly what is a mystery). The duo get additional help, defeat terrorists, and rescue some hostages.

Okay so I'm a few days late on this one.  I slept most of the evening Friday, and then completely forgot about this whole thing on Saturday.  Oh well, better late than sorry.

So... I guess you could call this the "sequel" to Master Ninja I from a few days back, but since this all came from a TV show I don't think it counts.  Anyways, two(2) more episodes of the television show... and it sucks even worse than the first two(2).  Timothy Van Patten is even more mush-mouthed than usual here, and Joel and the bots do not go easy on him at all, and it's well deserved.  Pretty much the whole movie is spent with them making fun of how unintelligibly he talks.  Personally, I think that simply makes this episode better.

My personal favourite bit is the host segment when Crow (of course) mimic's Van Patten's mumbling, in a mash-up of General Patton.  I won't go into great detail, because I don't feel it needs any.  General Timothy Van Patten... enough said.

Anywho... end of season three(3) and on to season four(4).  I can't say I'm not relieved...  after the stinkers we had in this season, namely all those damned Sandy Frank films, it will be a relief to move on to other, better things.

Favourite line:  "My peaches dipped in sawdust?! What is he saying?!?"

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