Tuesday, May 11, 2010

0405: Being From Another Planet

MST3k, Experiment #0405

For eons they traveled the galaxies. For centuries one was trapped in a Pharaoh's tomb. Now he is free.  Being From Another Planet.

Professor Doug McCadden is in charge of opening his university's latest acquisition - a sealed Egyptian sarcophagus. Opening it reveals an ancient mummy and a mold substance which proves to eat the flesh of anyone touching it. Later, sneaky student Pete Sharpe finds five hidden jewels in the bottom of the casket and distributes them to various co-eds on campus, not realizing the mummy, recently revived with an overdose of x-rays, is bound and determined to reclaim them. McCadden, who has carefully analyzed x-rays taken of the mummy, comes to the reluctant conclusion that it is not what it seems.

A movie orignally titled Time Walker, we owe it to Film Ventures International for the name change, which apparently should be referred to as a "spoiler" as the whole "from another planet" thing was the twist ending.  Way to go FVI.

Servo goes on a huge rant at the end of this movie, claiming this as the worst movie they have ever had to watch.  While I technically agree with him to an extent, I still think that The Castle of Fu-Manchu was worse.  That's not to say that this movie wasn't about as bad... and I am definitely not saying that it was good by any means.  I just think Fu-Manchu was far, far worse.  So, as Joel and Crow listed off movie after bad movie, and Servo shot them all down, insisting that this was worse, I worried about what he'd say to The Castle of Fu-Manchu.  But to my happiness, when they finally got there, his reply was "Okay, I'll give you that one."  Phew.

This is a pretty funny episode in all... They've got some good, solid bits in there, and I really just love the Holoclowns!!!  That whole segment was pure genius!

I suppose that's all there really is to say about this one.  Oh, and the TV's Frank Shopping Network is quite charming too.  I really love how casual and friendly Frank tends to be with the guys.  It just makes me think that under different circumstances, maybe, just maybe, they all could have been friends.

...but then again, it's just a show...

Favourite line:  "Guests of King Tut stay at the California Institute of the Sciences."

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