Wednesday, May 12, 2010

0406: Attack of The Giant Leeches

MST3k, Experiment #0406

Undersea Kingdom, Episode 1
.  Brilliant scientist Professor Norton, a plucky gal reporter named Diana, the professor’s stowaway son Billy, and heroic Navy lieutenant Crash Corrigan take off to investigate mysterious undersea earthquakes in the professor’s rocket-powered submarine. Hundreds of leagues beneath the sea, they find the kingdom of Atlantis, the source of the seismic waves. The comparatively advanced undersea society has television, robots, and armored cars (though for the most part, they ride horses, fight with swords, and wear skimpy tunics and silly hats). And now it is this same technological know-how that has caused the Atlantesians to damage the Earth’s surface. Crash and his friends learn that the seismic activity is just a side effect of Atlantis' real problem: a rebellion led by the odious Unga Khan.

Crawling horror... unleashed by the depths of hell to kill and conquer!  Attack of The Giant Leeches.

In a community nearby a swamp, a local dweller sees a couple of giant monsters but nobody believes on his words. Later, the cuckold Dave Walker finds his slut wife Liz Walker cheating him with his friend Cal Moulton. He chases the couple through the swamp, and forces them to jump into the water. The leeches attack them, and the shocked Dave is arrested, accused of murder. Two other locals decide to look for the bodies of Liz and Cal to get the prize of US$ 50.00 per body, and also vanish in the swamp. Finally, game warden Steve Benton organizes a patrol to investigate the caves under the swamp, finding the lethal giant leeches.

I don't know if it was this way in the previous episode, or if it's been this way for the entire season so-far... but for some reason, Servo's hands really bothered me in this episode.  I am pretty sure it's because they are skin-coloured and not white like normal.  They just look... out of place.  Wrong, if you will.  I really don't know why it bothered me so much this episode alone, and not any prior ones.  Hmm... Oh well.

This was a pretty decent episode.  We started another set of serialised shorts, and according to one of the MST3k info sites, it's the oldest thing that has ever been riffed on the show.  Undersea Kingdom is a classic.  The moment the title card came up, I immediately shrieked "Diana!" and then remembered it was almost 1am, so I had to be a little more quiet.  This is definitely one of the more bizarre plots in the history of the show... something about a little snot-nosed kid who goes along with some military people, a scientist and some lady on their adventure undersea to find the lost city of Atlantis, where there are two feuding civilizations of people.  Oh, and robots.  The Atlantians have killer robots who drive tanks.

I guess on to the movie.  Nothing special here.  It really is just yet another bad movie, apparently produced by Roger Corman... Looks like that's all he had to do with this one though.  I actually can't help but wonder if it would have maybe been better had he actually done more on it.

The best part of the episode though is the second appearance of the Holoclowns from the last episode.  They are stuck in Limbo, and Joel is trying to get them to leave.  Great segment with some wonderful lines by Mike Nelson (as one of the clowns).

Favourite line:  "Oh great. The leeches have a little fort!"

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