Friday, May 21, 2010

0411: The Magic Sword

MST3k, Experiment #0411

The Most Incredible Weapon Ever Wielded!  The Magic Sword.

Lodac, an evil wizard, has kidnapped the Princess Helene and intends to feed her to his dragon in seven days. One of the king's knights, Sir Branton vows to rescue her, despite being warned of Lodac's seven curses, which have to be encountered before they can reach his castle. A boy named George, who was raised by Sybil, a slightly incompetent sorceress, who is smitted with the Princess wants to rescue her but Sybil whose family had battles with Lodac and lost refuses to let him go. But he uses the magic sword that she intends to give him to detain her while he goes to save the Princess. So he and six knights that Sybil created to be his allies go to the king and offer to accompany Branton and if he should save the Princess wishes for her hand in marriage. Branton is not pleased but is implored by the King to bring them with him. But Branton plans to use them as pawns to evade the curses but George with his sword and other armaments that Sybil manage to defeat them.

TV's Frank was absolutely wonderful in this during the invention exchange.  He's already my personal favourite from the entire run of the show, and this segment is one of the reasons why.  The "bad acting" acting is always hillarious, and Frank is just the best at it.  He just gets the perfect look and sound of "I'm trying my hardest to be good at this little skit, but I'm ignorantly failing miserably."  It's layers upon layers of genius.

Okay enough Frank worship for now...

As I hope is apparent, I don't often quote someone else's thoughts on episodes, but I agree wholeheartedly with the episode guide on Satellite News... So here's what they said:

This one was just okay for me. Basil Rathbone is a little bit pitchy in places, and I don’t think Gary Lockwood went all out like we know he can, and… oh. I’m terribly sorry. It’s just that when I started to write about this episode, I began to feel like a mildly disappointed Randy Jackson commenting on a less than successful effort by an American Idol wannabe. This episode has it’s moments, but it’s not a favorite.

Anyways, one important bit is the segment with Crow's song.  He mentions his previous love song to Kim Cattrall, and then sings a song about Estelle Winwood, who I am very sure is far older and not as attractive and much more dead than Cattrall.  Anyways, it's a cute little song, and Servo retorts with a long list of people who are far better looking than Winwood.

Favourite line:  "Neat stuff, but is it art?"

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