Sunday, May 23, 2010

0412: Hercules and The Captive Women

MST3k, Experiment #0412

Heroic Hercules battles the seductive powers of the wicked Queen of Atlantis! Hercules and The Captive Women.

The ever intrepid world-trotting hunk of a man Herc (Hercules to those who are not his friends) saves a beautiful maiden from the hands of an evil creature. She takes him to her home, Atlantis. Herc kicks some butt and saves her from her mother who wants to kill her and from some scary looking blond guys but unfortunately the rest of the inhabitants are destroyed. Do not worry because Herc escapes along with his son, the maiden and an annoying midget.

This is the famous episode where Gypsy sits in on the movie for an attempt at riffing along... She lasts about five(5) minutes before giving up. I always enjoy it when they change things up a bit...

I love the appearance of "I sing whenver I sing whenever I sing..." from The Giant Gila Monster. Thank you Frank for bringing back a favourite running joke.

This was a pretty basic episode with some really funny lines and pretty decent segments, but nothing really stands out about it except for Gypsy's riffing. Oddly, the funniest line came from the movie itself, and NOT a riff... so I've included that as my favourite line below:

Favourite line: "The blood from Uranus can never be destroyed."

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