Tuesday, May 25, 2010

0413: Manhunt In Space

MST3k, Experiment #0413

General Hospital, Segment 1. Stalwart nurse Jessie Brewer is married to Phil Brewer, a cardiologist seven years younger than she. Phil has lost interest in Jessie and seeks the excitement of an extramarital affair. And Dr. Steve Hardy informs a patient that she has a hiatus hernia.

Manhunt In Space.

In this compilation of episodes from "Rocky Jones, Space Ranger", Rocky and his co-pilot Winky are sent into space to try to foil a gang of space pirates who have been preying on cargo ships sent out by the United Worlds, and who have also captured Rocky's girlfriend, Vena. Rocky is aided by a new invention, "cold light", which, in much the same way as heat causes mirages to appear in the desert, causes an object to become so cold that it disappears!

How did they get General Hospital?! Better question still: WHY did they get General Hospital. I guess they technically had some serials and stuff like that, but it has always struck me as an odd choice. Perhaps they were just trying out the idea of riffing old TV shows, since the film serials worked so well. Anyways, I guess it was relatively funny. They had some good jokes, but I still prefer the educational shorts by far.

And speaking of TV shows, this movie was formed from a few episodes of an old television program from the early 50's. As all the many episode guides state, the show was killed because the cost was too high. I think it should have been killed because the characters are so damned annoying and inept.

And speaking of the characters, Mike Nelson was absolutely brilliant as Winkie from the movie... This is another of my many favourite "walk-ons" throughout the run of the show. He just plays the "whiney kid who thinks he's a cool cat, swingin' with the ladies and flying around in his invisible spaceship" perfectly. Even when they point out that it's just his mother's basement, Winkie refuses to admit that he doesn't swing with the ladies.

So yeah, pretty decent episode, even though there wasn't much plot or anything to work with. Oh, I did find the last segment a bit annoying... There hasn't been a single time I viewed this episode that I didn't just want to fast-forward the whole "talk-box guitar" bit. Irritating... but that didn't detract from the episode all that much. Watch it.

Favourite line: "Oh, she's angry when she's beautiful."

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