Sunday, May 30, 2010

0416: Fire Maidens of Outer Space

MST3k, Experiment #0416

See the creature of horror who ravished a planet! Fire Maidens of Outer Space.

Five young scientists and technicians journey to Jupiter, miss and land on the planet's 13th moon. There, they find the only inhabitants to be a father, his fifteen daughters, and a monster. They find the moon much like Earth, as it has seasons, the same atmosphere, and flowers. They kill the monster, take one of the maidens back with them and promise to send back male settlers for the other girls.

Timmy! I could never remember which episode had Timmy, Crow's dark spectre... but here he is!! Crow summons him during the opening segment, which is a callback to season three(3)'s "Posture Pals" short, and through the whole episode Timmy wreaks havoc and causes all sorts of problems. My personal favourite bit is when Timmy wanders into the theater and attacks Servo.

The movie is about as dumb as they get. Of all the bad movies this show has shown us, this is pretty easily the absolute cheesiest. They take it in stride though and provide us with some incredible jokes through the whole thing. Of course, that still doesn't make the movie any less idiotic. In fact, I described the plot of the movie in pretty simple terms to one of my co-workers, and she responded by insisting I made the whole thing up.

Anyways, I think this is one of the most overlooked episodes, simply because of how funny and classic the entire thing is. I am hoping Shout! can get this onto a DVD release soon. My copy is quite bad, and I am pretty certain the volume just keeps getting louder and louder... I want a good copy of this, and maybe a small "retrospective" on Timmy.

Favourite line: "Fellas, is it just me or do we all look alike?."

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