Monday, May 31, 2010

Don't Assume Anything Is Wrong At All

Alright peoples. Here's this week's poem. I was very highly debating writing one less sappy, and more in tune with the "random observations" as I've been preferring lately... but I still happened to write this anyways, and my whole purpose in blogueing all these poems were to diversify and post each and every poem I wrote. I guess this includes the more emotional ones that just randomly fly onto the paper, so here it is.


I never thought
that I'd feel this,
especially not quite so strong.

But there she is...
Smelling like a combination
of cigarettes and something
that might be vanilla.
I'm just a guy,
so I'll go with vanilla.
Whatever it is, it's divine.

I've probably already said too much...
and if she reads this,
she may never speak to me again.
But this is a free country,
and I can say what I want
or in this case, what I feel.

I just want to keep thinking
of how her hair feels like satin
in finely thin strands.
And her smile is incredible,
bordering on pure magic.

I've debated buying some smokes
and a scented candle
just to see if I can recreate her smell.
But that's called neurotic.

I suppose that's technically
all love is.

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