Wednesday, June 02, 2010

0417: Crash Of The Moons

MST3k, Experiment #0417

General Hospital, segment 3. The awkward engagement party dissolves when the groom-to-be is called away for a hospital emergency.

Crash of The Moons.

Rocky Jones tries to save the inhabitants of a planet that is doomed to a collision with one of the moons of a two-moon system but runs into resistance from the planet's suspicious empress.

More Rocky Jones, only unfortunately this episode as a whole wasn't quite as great as the prior Rocky Jones experiment... That being said this was far, far funnier. Every riff is a slam-dunk, and the jokes just left me rolling on the floor. Sometimes I find it rather interesting that the weakest episodes seem to have the funniest writing. Oh well, you give a little; you take a little.

From the very start of the feature, they threw a callback to one of my all-time favourite crap-ass characters... Whatever-her-face-was from Robot Holocaust. Velaria? I'm too lazy to look it up. Either way, the phrase "Yew and yor dawtah aw doomt!" just about does it for me, and I could go the entire rest of the movie simply laughing my ass off at that one simple phrase.

But do they stop there?! Oh, hell no. They keep going and going, and they continue to point out the general stupidity of the entire Rocky Jones series. I definitely have to give them props at not being redundant or rut-stuck on this set at all. There's only a few small callbacks to the first of the Rocky Jones films we've sat through, and you could seriously watch this episode and never even know they've shown us one already. I think that takes a lot of creativity to not call-back from that first one much at all.

The Gypsy Moon song was pretty decent, and had me thinking of Leon Redbone a few times...

Okay, so this episode wasn't all that bad, but Manhunt In Space was a far better episode as episodes go. Maybe I'm just missing another Winkie impersonation.

Favourite line: "Oh no! Crash Of the Moons is on!!"

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