Wednesday, June 02, 2010

0418: Attack of The Eye Creatures

MST3k, Experiment #0418

Attack of The Eye Creatures.

A saucer landing is expected (and highly classified) by top people in military. The local army base is instructed to keep watch for activity in the sky, but instead they use an infrared scope to watch local teens make out. The saucer lands. Meanwhile, the two main characters are trying to elope. Keeping headlights off to avoid attention, they run over an eye creature. They report this, but in the meantime the eye creatures have possessed the body of a young drifter and so the two are arrested. The army finds the saucer, cordons it off and blows it up. The teens escape from the police station and discover that the eye creatures explode when exposed to bright light...

Oh how I wish this one was available as an officially released DVD!! I never remember just how much I love this one until I watch it again, but the audio on my copy gets all garbley in the midst of it all, reminding me why I don't watch it very often. Aside from the transfer on my little bootlegged disc, this is a damn near perfect episode in terms of hilarity. The sketches are a bit meh sometimes... actually, not meh so much as just purely random and absurd. Actually, come to think of it, that's why I love them so much. A big Rip Taylor related sketch thrown out of nowhere... no real relation to the movie, or anything even resembling coherence. It's just three(3) Rip Taylor impersonations at once, with lots of confetti. Earl Holliman?! This whole bit makes very little sense, and is especially redeemable by the line "who would have been William Shatner had there not already been one."

Anyways, almost every joke made during the movie had me laughing... and of course, a couple running gag call-backs that I love: "I sing whenever I sing whenever I sing..." and "Sessions presents..." Those never EVER get old to me.

The film itself was just abysmal. The night scenes were all shot during the very obvious day, and these kids casually "escaped" from police custody by simply wandering out a clearly marked exit door. The dialogue was bad and the plot was stupid. Made a perfect movie for riffing! I think this also counts as a personal favourite of mine, and I shall beg Shout! to get this one onto DVD.

Favourite line: "Damn! They saw the Exit sign."

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