Thursday, June 10, 2010

0423: Bride of The Monster

MST3k, Experiment #0423

Hired! Part 1. A Chevrolet sales manager is having poor results with his staff, so he gets some advice from his father.

It'll make your skin crawl! Bride of The Monster.

Dr. Varnoff captures twelve men for his experiment: to turn them into supermen using atomic energy. Newspaperwoman Lawton gets too snoopy for her own good.

Hired! He's hired! He's hired! Oh I love this short, and I especially love the subsequent host segment "Hired! The Musical" This is seriously one of my all-time favourite segments of this show. Everything from Gypsy singing "Zero" to the failed attempt at the old (very old) Chevrolet song at the end... Pure perfection! I can't think of a time I didn't want to watch that sketch over and over again.

The movie is a typical classic Ed Wood film, starring Bela Lugosi and Tor Johnson... and this is where the infamous "SLEEP!" reference comes from, even thought they were using the reference LONG before the film was riffed on MST3k. Of course, as classic as the movie itself is, it only makes sense... to me anyways.

What I had completely forgotten was that this movie was the source of a line I personally use a lot. "He tampered in God's domain." I mutter this to myself during any and every movie that has someone trying to play God and then eventually nearly destroying the planet or themselves... Actually, I use this wherever I feel necessary and sometimes completely UNnecessary. I just enjoy the line is all.

Favourite line: "God, I look good in aviators."

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