Saturday, June 19, 2010

0503: Swamp Diamonds

MST3k, Experiment #0503

What To Do On A Date. Jeff wants to take Kay out on a date, but isn't sure what they'd do. The short offers ideas like taffy pulls and scavenger sales. Nothing says romantic quite like a scavenger sale. Ultimately, all the kids have a wholesomely-celibate-vanilla-white-Eisenhower’s-America good time.

Scarlet Women Out to Get Every Thrill They Could Steal! Swamp Diamonds.

A plucky police woman infiltrates a group of hardened female criminals who are planning to break jail and retrieve their loot of diamonds from its swampy hiding place. Complications arise when the women abduct Connors and begin fighting each other.

First of all, I'd like to state that this is one of my all-time favourite shorts. The line that makes me laugh the most is when the boy calls to ask the girl to a movie, and when she states that she's seen it already, Servo states firmly "Hang up!" Anyways, this one is a tad creepy, due to all the "weenie roast" suggestions... but that's what makes it great. I don't think I would do any of those suggestions on a date. Well, maybe the scavanger sale.

This is one of those fabulous episodes where every host segment runs through one big plot-line, and this time it's due to the short. Tom Servo is inspired by the dating short and decides to ask Gypsy (or "Gyspy" as he nervously calls her) on a date to a scavenger sale. The date doesn't quite go so well, but Servo doesn't exactly realise that until after the date when he tries to set up another one. This is one of my favourite set of segments, really... I love it when the robots interact with each other in very overly human manners.

The movie sucks. It's a Corman film, and apparently his first as director. It stars Beverly Garland (amongst others), who is a rather common casting choice for Corman. I know she's been in plenty of his films, but the one that stands out the most is Gunslinger, which will come later in the series. There's plenty of walking... plenty of sitting around... plenty of rowing... and not much of anything else.

Favourite line: "Maybe we should split into groups of one."

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