Wednesday, June 23, 2010

0506: Eegah!

MST3k, Experiment #0506

The Crazed Love of a Prehistoric Giant for a Ravishing Teenage Girl! Eegah!

While driving through the desert, a teenage girl is frightened by a seven-foot giant which appears in her path. After escaping, she returns to the site with her boyfriend and her father in an attempt to find the giant. They do, and it proceeds to terrorize them and the rest of Palm Springs, California.

Shtemlo... This is the episode I use to start people out on the series. I think that's mostly because this really isn't THAT painful of a movie... but also because so many catch phrases and running jokes come from this episode. Even if you aren't familiar with the show and never watch another episode after this, you'll still find yourself using lines from this film. I have started countless amounts of people saying the phrase "Watch out for snakes." and "Sorry about your face!" I personally think that this episode is to the Joel era what The Final Sacrifice is to the Mike era. Completely a classic and just incredible through and through.

We have some pretty good host segments here... my personal favourite being when the bots decide to rearrange Joel's face to look like the star of the movie. Honestly, I think the segments are a bit weaker than some of the other episodes, but the riffing during the movie really makes up for it. All-in-all, there are plenty of epiosdes that are far better written and somewhat funnier, but this one is still just a classic episode, and you really can't complain about it. Everyone enjoys Eegah!

Favourite line: "I won't shoot your dad, okay? Geez."

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