Wednesday, June 30, 2010

0509: The Girl In Lovers Lane

MST3k, Experiment #0509

Too Young to Know... Too Reckless to Care... The Girl In Lovers Lane.

Danny, son of a wealthy family, is running away from home. He meets Bix, a long-time drifter, who agrees to "mentor" Danny. Danny's naivete leads him to commit gaffe after gaffe, leaving Bix to straighten things out. But when they stop in a diner in the next town, Bix finds himself attracted to the waitress, Carrie, and is forced to reexamine his whole drifting career. Meanwhile, Jesse goes around creeping everyone out.

I don't care how weak anyone else says this episode is... I've always considered this to be one of the strongest episodes. The segments have me laughing, the riffs have me laughing... hell, even the invention exchange cracks me up.

The riff takes off with a fantastic song by Servo, which alone is funny as hell... and it's finished off with a very 30's sounding "The Girl In Lovers Lane!" announcement by Crow. That line there is how I say the title of this movie when referencing it. After that, the riffs just get better and better. One of the character's name is Bix, but when he first says his name, it sounds like "Big Stupid." From that point on, Joel and the bots call him Big Stupid any and every chance they get. If anyone reading this follows me on Twitter, I posted each and every line they said with that in it. I love the Big Stupid jokes!!!

Then we get another song during one of the host sgements. This is one of my favourite songs, and it's no surprise that the lyrics were written by Frank. I should have guessed that simply by the non-rhyming, dragged on line about not having a schedule. Great song!!! Watch this episode even if just for the song!!!

In another segment, Crow does his Jack Elam immitation... which also had me cracking up. I had to rewind it just to see it again actually. "Hi, I'm Jack Elam... uuugggh..." Watch Crow's eyes bulge out as they look in every direction...

One more thing that I love about this episode... Gypsy. During the invention exchange, they cut off Gypsy's line perfectly, and it makes me laugh hard every time!!!

In all, this episode is quite good... I may find it to be a lot more funny than most people would, but it's still a solid episode nonetheless.

Favourite line: "Oh Danny, this isn't the answer..."

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