Tuesday, July 06, 2010

0513: The Brain That Wouldn't Die

MST3k, Experiment #0513

Alive... without a body... fed by an unspeakable horror from hell! The Brain That Wouldn't Die.

Brilliant but borderline psychotic surgeon does secretive, experimental work with limb transplants and tissue rejection drugs, much to the chagrin of his surgeon-father. When he crashes his car and his fiancee is decapitated, his research - far from complete - is put to the test. His focus then becomes finding an appropriate donor body to make his fiancee whole, while the current and failed experiments in his basement laboratory grow restless.

Ahhh Mike. I've got to say that this was an incredibly strong episode for it being Mike's first... well, first as host, that is. I can't think of any riffs that really fall flat, the delivery is incredible, and the host segments are all very good.

I love how they are very, very obvious about Mike being "the new guy" even though the real Mike had been with the show for years... He even forgets to carry Servo into the theater, which is a fun little quirk. I've always laughed at all the various names the bots and mads call Mike. I don't remember if they are still getting his name wrong on the next episode...

This movie itself is a classic, and a very good choice to start off with. I have a feeling Mike had his eye on this one for quite some time.

One riff happened to reference the movie Radar Secret Service, which is coming up later in the season... It's quite obvious that they didn't shoot these out of order, so that always sticks out as an odd little in-joke.

Anyways, great episode and a fantastic start of the Mike-ness.

Favourite line: "Ya know, I'm really good at this. I should have started killing a long time ago!"

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